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Customer Voice

“We have been extremely pleased with our partnership with Ixsight (For a france-based client). The Ixsight team have been very responsive., provided excellent guidance and insights. very good service and results. We plan to use their services for other global clients” VP – International Solutions – Leading CRM company -USA

“Ixsight handled subscriber records of more than 200 million over a two year period with 365 day data cleansing service with high quality – met our deadlines for Siebel CRM upload. We are pleased with the kind of service, commitment and qualitative work. Ixsight provided uninterrupted service with 99% accuracy levels.” CTO – Leading Telecom Player

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Welcome to Ixsight. We offer solutions to provide business with actionable insights by enabling them to use data and information in innovative. Our company serves the needs of marquee clients around the world in retail, e-commerce, telecommunications, hospitality, government, banking, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Additionally, we partner with system integrators and technology product companies who use our tools to enhance the capabilities of their own products.

We use our skillsets in address science, identity verification, complaints analysis, and locational intelligence to create a proven approach, intelligent tools, and solutions. Our solutions include customer data cleansing, identity management, address standardisation, e-commerce delivery management, locational analytics, customer decision science, fraud and compliance, master data cleansing, and text information analysis.

Our diverse team of professionals includes innovators, business experts, data aficionados, linguists, text analysts, and consumer specialists. These enable us to provide industry specific solutions for example: MDM Solutions, Relationship Discovery through householding through excellent Name and Address Deduplication. Our locational intelligence solutions provide companies with spatial Intelligence through catchment area analysis, geocoding and geofencing.

We enable financial and telecom to address customer compliance and risk concerns through our Realtime deduplication, smart onboarding and entity resolution solutions. Our technology is very effective with Address deduplication. These are offered as real-time APIs or data deduplication services. This enables us to deliver data transformation, data quality and identify management solutions to help businesses make sense of data.

Browse through our website to read more about Ixsight, our products and services, white papers, case studies, and other information to discover how gaining insight into your data can benefit your business. Please contact us to learn how we can provide the right solution to address your specific business needs.

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