Our Pursuit
To build solutions that enable business to get maximum from data available to them

How it began?


With a combined work experience of 25 years plus in consumer guided marketing, relationship program management and sales in FMCGs and bank – co-founders Uma and Savita were looking for solution providers who could align their offerings with business success. A stumbling block in developing strategy was lack of meaningful customer views – or sets of customer insights that could be translated into strategy. If you looked deep enough – the problem started with the underlying data – No one knew the where, what and how of it.

Most solution providers simply gave their toolsets but did little to understand business nuances or become a partner in long-term “Data Lifecycle Management".


Combined with a keen understanding of business requirements – the cofounders started Ixsight in 2007. Ixsight provides the ability for business to perceive their data with the Ixsight- lens and use it in innovative ways to address business needs.

Ixsight has built our name on the ability to combine customer engagement needs with our technology and solutions. We assure you of the promise of good data that translates to great business and provide you with the approach, tools, and solutions to partner you through the continuous cycle of customer interaction management.


Our Team


We are a team of 50 members: innovators, architects, business evangelists, data afficionados, linguists, text analysts and customer-success specialists. formed in 2007, bringing together three fine people with depth of experience in user-centred data solutions, evangelising new ideas and great sense of execution.

Today we bring you under one roof – the unparalleled experience of having worked with a variety of data, across geographies, for various business needs – a team passionate about all things customer data – a team driven to do good by your business – a team that has built and sustained solutions appreciated by the best of clients.

Devdutta (Sunil) B Modak
Chairman & Mentor

Uma Venkataraman
CEO & Co-Founder

Savita Modak
COO & Co-Founder

Sunil Shindekar
Enterprise Architect

Ajay Apshetti
Sr. Product Engineer

Sandesh Kirkire


Why assume when you can be assured – of good data – good data that weaves a story by itself


Stories are woven by letters – making words and sentences. Meanings are embedded in sentences.
Across geographies – words are tumbling out at a furious pace – customer data, enquiries,tweets, blogs, complaints, feedback.
The story of your customer is embedded in this data. As a business your success depends on understanding every customers story – and defining strategies around this. This is where Ixsight can help.

Ixsight has built an excellent understanding of making sense of data through its data transformation, data quality, identity management solutions over the last 7 years. Further Ixsight is addressing the “Where” and the “Who” of the customer through its locational and customer intelligence solutions.


Today, Ixsight has marquee clients across the globe. Additionally, Ixsight has partnerships with technology product companies and system integrators. Ixsight supports and enables these vendors to use our tools – and significantly enhance the functionality and capability of their own product offerings.