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About us

Brief about who we are

To build solutions that enable business to get maximum from data available to them

Open your door to the world of data i.e. information available to organizations in their businesses and help them in maximizing it for achieving better business performance through data analysis, reporting and visualization capabilities. Data is the oxygen of every enterprise, which enables it to be in a position to give optimum value to its customers

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To Perceive and Know

Ixsight derives its name from the Sanskrit Word “Iksh” – meaning to Perceive and Know.


Īkṣ (ईक्ष्).— [īkṣa] r. 1st cl. (īkṣate) To see.

  • To see, behold, view
  • To perceive
  • To regard, consider, look upon



Our Team

We are a team of 50 members: innovators, architects, business evangelists, data afficionados, linguists, text analysts and customer-success specialists

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    Devdutta (Sunil) B Modak

    Chairman & Mentor

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    Uma Venkataraman

    CEO & Co-Founder

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    Savita Modak

    COO & Co-Founder

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    Sandesh Kirkire


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