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Case Studies

Empowering Credit Decisioning for Digital Lender



The client offers innovative credit solutions to individuals and small businesses across India through a digital-only approach and partners with a range of fintech start-ups, digital wallet firms, non-banking financial companies and consumer electronics giants to make credit accessible to customers.

Business Problem


Business Impact

  1. The level of “Catches” and thereby “Risk Mitigation” has increased significantly leading to greater confidence by client in adding on more partners and extending coverage
  2. The system has performed exceedingly well in terms of response time – few milli-seconds for every record versus minutes earlier– ensuring business SLAs are met and all the stakeholders – internal and external are a happy lot. 95 % applications are processed in less than 60 seconds.
  3. Every month, the platform handles over one million loan applications with a small dedicated team that is a fraction of the size of a traditional lender which processes similar volumes.
  4. Business Continuity, performance scalability, high accuracy ensured all round impact on client ability to manage risk, control fraud and increase the coverage of their offerings.
  5. Most importantly, Deduplix has enabled the digital lender in a significant part of the credit journey both in terms of accuracy and speed

Ixsight Technologies Pvt Ltd provides Enterprise-wide Data Quality Solutions to help organisations embed Entity Resolution Analytics and Data Quality for Risk Mitigation Fraud Control, Compliance and Customer loyalty in their DNA. Ixsight’s solutions has been used to process over 10000 million data items across 115+ customers across the Banking, Financial Services, Digital Lenders Insurance and Telecom Sector.

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