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Case Studies

Online Credit Screening for Credit Cards



One of India’s largest Credit Cards company with over 12 million active credit cards.

Business Problem


Business Impact

  1. 60 % increase in relevant matches over the existing system for first implementation and second upgrade resulted in further jump of 30 % over the first
  2. Zero-wait time for loan officers and the IT-department for optimizing cost and
  3. Milliseconds response for providing match result of receiving an enquiry
  4. Savings of close to a million dollars annually
  5. Zero-Down Time through active-active replication
  6. Business Continuity, performance scalability, high accuracy ensured all round impact on client ability to manage risk, control fraud and increase the coverage of their offerings

Ixsight Technologies Pvt Ltd provides Enterprise-wide Data Quality Solutions to help organisations embed  Entity Resolution Analytics and Data Quality for Risk Mitigation Fraud Control, Compliance and Customer loyalty in their DNA. Ixsight’s solutions has been used to process over 10000 million data items across 115+ customers across the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Telecom Sector.


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