Customer Voice


“Ixsight has successfully delivered one team cleaning project for 5 million records…. This is a crucial initiative with significant business impact and expected savings apart from supporting the siebel CRM initiatives. We find the team very pro-active in coming with various options for the best results possible.” CIO - Direct-to-Home Entertainment Company

“Ixsight's MDM solution brought in operational savings – this in turn could be recycled for marketing efforts” - Director Transfer Agency – Global AMC Company

“In 2014 We engaged Ixsight for pilot project to cleanse, de-duplicate &create hierarchies for our customer master. We were pleased with the results Ixsight was able to provide and their knowledge of European customer data was spot on” - Leading Paints Manufacturer - Europe

“We got daily savings of 100K on on Loss Exposure, thrice the productivity and immense flexibility using Deduplix identity management. The Ixsight team delivered flawlessly” - AVP -Global Consumer Finance Company

“The Ixsight team conducted a detailed customer segmentation exercise using business and statistical analysis to aid our cross-sell and up-sell program. The team made Insightful recommendations that helped the business in our customer – relationship-program” EVP – Direct and Marketing Channels – Multinational Insurance Company