Goverment Initiatives – talk about creating e-portals, e-networks, citizen IDs, providing health care, banking facilities for all, preventing money laundering, reducing wasteful expenditure etc. Ensuring that Government spending reaches the right citizen is a primary objective for most Government initiatives. The governance program is compromised if duplicates exist in the system. These duplicates result in misuse of the subsidy meant for the intended beneficiaries.

Ideally, while enrolling citizens, there needs to be a clean set of Master Data. The first stumbling block is the availability of Data that is clean, populated, complete and standardized. Individuals enrolling for various government schemes are enrolled through agents, semi-skilled intermediaries. These enrollment agents handwrite the data which is thereafter entered on the system in part or whole with further modifications and truncations. This data remains outdated quickly since the individual concerned may have changed his/her name or address or contact details.

The second stumbling block is that most Government departments operate in silos – data sharing is usually a sensitive issue. This prevents an unified view of the data. The third stumbling block is to do with prevalent legislations which do not allow common sharing of data even within a single vertical like Banking.

Ixsight's solutions can support the following departments/initiatives:

  • Title deeds registry
  • Passport ministry
  • Census
  • Voter registry
  • State resident hubs
  • Land records
  • Scholarships depts.
  • Power supply depts.
  • Financial inclusion initiatives
  • Government subsidy initiatives – food, cooking gas, oil etc.

How can Ixsight help to support e-governance initiatives?

Providing cleansed, standardized data to understand geographic and demographic profile
Almost all government projects require – integrating data from multiple data sources – which may come under the purview of a single nodal department or multiple departments. Further this data may be in different structure with differing number of fields and may be written in multiple scripts.

Providing a 360 degree view to identify unique individuals and households
One of the key requirements for the match program is the ability to not only identify matches correctly but also assign levels of probability to enable downstream validation. Ixsight’s Deduplix provides high quality Intelligent Matching.

Understanding customer location
Location is becoming increasingly important. In order to improve efficiency of inclusion schemes and by administrative boundaries – mapping the recipients of various schemes on maps provides deep insights for development strategy.
Other areas like revenue generation, tax assessment, land records etc. can be better understood for decision making by geo-coding and viewing data on maps. Multiple data sets can be simultaneously viewed to provide intelligence at a 360 degree level.