Service Industry – Hotels, Airline, Travel - are expected to be more customer-centric than any. Hotels have multiple properties - either home-grown or acquired over the years. These individual hotel groups operate with their own property systems – resulting in data that exists in silos and preventing a single view of the customer. The availability of data from loyalty programs, combined with increasingly diverse on-property offerings, provides hotels with the opportunity to know their guests at a deeper level. Many airlines are yet to have a loyalty program. Pro-active enrolment may get better results.

Customers veer towards those organisations that recognize them for what they are and proactively give them the right kind of recognition and offers. While on the subject of loyalty – there is a lot of buzz about the need to increase the number of customers who will promote the organisations brand. Without giving customer due recognition – they will be either passive or defect. The Net Promoter Score which gives the degree of Promoters an organization has is a good indicator of the loyalty levels. In order to boost loyalty – greater customer engagement is a must.

In the hospitality industry – customers engage in different ways – they book services through agents, search through mobile apps, surf websites or reach a call center. All customer touch points should be empowered with knowledge about the Customer. This empowerment necessitates having a 360 degree view of the Customer. Ixsight solutions provide this capability.

How can Ixsight's solutions help the hospitality industry?

Creating a 360 degree view
Deduplix from Ixsight provides the capability to identify and prioritise customers and customer households. For airlines and hotels, corporates are a significant customer segment. Identifying and profiling such corporates is therefore important. The single view forms the basis of various loyalty offers.

Profiling & analytics
Customers choose a service for a particular reason. They may stay in a business hotel, resort or family getaway. They may be the same person doing so at different times of the year. Their preferences may be captured on the system or in a visitor’s book. Customers may tweet about their experiences, post photos or complain about poor service. A successful engagement would therefore need to take into account information from all these touch points.

Locational intelligence
The location of the customer plays an important role in determining their profile, their preferences and requirements. This information may pave the way for organizations to develop newer facilities, conveniences around the customer location.

Onboarding services
Data needs to be captured in a correct and clean manner on an ongoing basis to ensure that good data enters the system. As address plays a lesser role in certain areas like airline ticket booking – data is often limited to contact numbers, name, email ID and a few other questions. The contact number may be that of the booking agent in several cases. In order to have a sound loyalty program – it is necessary to detect such erroneous or phantom numbers or names in advance. This alone would ensure that Customers get the real benefit of specific offers and become more loyal in turn.