Pharmaceutical Companies


All pharmaceutical companies (pharma cos) need to contact doctors through their medical representatives (MR). Medical Reps visit doctors to provide information about latest drug introductions – explaining their benefits and providing samples. Medical reps also visit chemists to ensure – there is sufficient stock of their company’s products.

A typical pharma co has multiple specialty divisions. Each division has their own set of MRs. The same doctor is sometime visited by different MRs across divisions or even within the same division. The impact of duplicate coverage increases operational and marketing expenses.

Absence of a centralized database and lack of data capture standards are the principal cause of this. Major issues with data include - Names, Addresses are not captured well, email and contact information is populated sparsely . If these were present adequately, they may be cheaper and better communication options. Classifying doctors –based on type of practice or extent of practice is difficult.

How can Ixsight's solutions help the Pharma industry?

Creating a 360 degree view
In order to establish an accurate view of coverage – it is important to remove duplicates in the database. This is however a fairly involved task as doctors may be practicing in various locations. Using various sets of rules and multiple iterations – a fairly acceptable set of uniques can be got. Deduplix has got a special pharma version to enable 360 degree doctor view.

Profiling & Analytics
Doctors can be classified not only by their specialization but also in the manner in which they practice. Some doctors practice in one location only – others in multiple locations. The impact of a doctor can be understood by considering their extent and type of practice. Ixsight’s profiling solution can help pharma companies segment doctors and understand prescription success based on these factors.

Locational Intelligence
Pharma companies can map their doctor coverage and pharmacies/chemists to understand proximity of chemists to doctors. Based on this information they can plan the MR beat route better.

Onboarding Services
Data needs to be captured in a correct and clean manner on an ongoing basis to ensure that good data enters the system. MRs may collect visiting cards or provide data in forms. Some MRs may be equipped with tablets to collect data on the move. In either case Ixsight’s intelligent onboarding system allows good data capture and prevents duplicates. This can help pharma companies significantly in their marketing and sales strategy.