The telecom industry is characterized by a high degree of churn, low revenues and need to manage the risk and compliance environment. Further, “Mobile Number Portability” has put considerable pressure on the service providers to ensure – great service, hear customer grievances and optimize tariffs by understanding customer’s specific needs and usage.

The increasing use of prepaid and short-term contracts for cell phone users worldwide, along with free internet phone services mean that Telecom companies (Telcos) are in constant danger of losing customers to churn. While Telcos address mass markets, the marketing needs to be oriented towards understanding individual customer needs. With the advent of 4G and higher technologies – the phone is not just a phone anymore. It carries messages, phone calls, allows video and photo shooting, provides multimedia entertainment and much more. The telecom service provider needs to find ways to offer the right kind of “Value Added Services” to the customer.

How can Ixsight's solutions help the telecom industry?

Creating a 360 degree view
Telecom subscribers can be of short duration or long term subscribers. A telecom database needs continuous updations as subscribers become inactive are suspended. Many have more than one connection and use the services from a service provider in multiple ways. Given the churn rate and the need to design personalized schemes based on usage – creating a 360 degree view of subscriber-individuals, subscriber -households and subscriber – non individuals is a must. Ixsight’s Deduplix solutions provide the framework and solution to manage this process one-time and ongoing.

Managing compliances
Telecom companies have to report to regulatory authorities regarding KYC compliance and adhering to specific mandates to ensure customers are within the permissible limit of connections. Since customers buy mobile connections from across the country and from different sources – sometimes providing differing Identity proofs - the process of identifying the same customer is a challenge of enormous proportions. The incremental volumes are also significantly high in many countries and promises to go up even further. The risk of having multiple connections which are unidentified could be an unknown threat. Ixsight’s Deduplix enables identification of Duplicate Connections in real-time and manages extremely large number of new application verification to ensure a compliant database.

Locational intelligence
Customers are across the country and buy from various authorized dealers. One key factor for lack of customer satisfaction is network drops due to lack of cell towers. Other reasons could be –lack of available services nearby. Customer data can be profiled for geographic information and ported on maps. Third party data can also be simultaneously viewed to get insights about customer behavior like hotspots of delayed payments, customer dis-satisfaction etc.

Onboarding solutions
As data is captured through agents “ Intelligent Data Entry Systems” can prevent data errors and do automatic validations. This will ensure good quality profile and contact data information without later rework or need to reach out to customers to correct misinformation. As part of onboarding, applicant can also be screened against watch-lists.

Customer profiling
“Value Added Services” need to be targeted to the right customer. Many a time – the offers are given to all without understanding the specific demographic profile of the customer. Through data-cleansing and data-deduplication some of the finer nuances of the customer can be identified. These include things like gender, regional tastes (music maybe), usage of internet, email, roaming abroad etc.