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Banking & Financial Services

You shouldn’t be turning away a good loan customer while spotting a bad one-that too very early in the life cycle

Explore how Ixsight’s solutions enable Banks & Financial Services in onboarding, entity resolution, fraud control, regulatory & AML compliances


Reduce onboarding risk & identify potential fraudulent customers

Many large technology companies are seeking to become financial services brands, just like large retailers have before them. 

Regulatory pressures have added to the compliance checklist for financial institutions – these include OFAC, Sanctions List, Financial Action Task Force (FATF), HM Treasury, EU and UN Security Council Resolutions, PEP, RBI Compliance, FIU Compliance , Customer Identification and Know Your Customer programs among others.


Real-time decisioning through relationship discovery

Ixsight empowers Banks and Financial Services with credit decisioning through real-time match, identification of fraudulent patterns during application, KYC reverification Services in form of SaaS, PEP and UN sanctions screening, negative data scrub, related parties and AML checks, Group exposure, address validation and locational analytics.

All these are highly scalable, ready-to-deploy solutions with multiple engagement models. Ixsight’s solutions for have been deployed over millions of records providing real-time decision making and strategic capabilities.

Solution for Banks & Financial Institutions

Digital Onboarding & Fraud Control

Use our solutions to resolve

  • Customer-Centric View to generate Unique customer Identification Codes (UCIC) These support RBI Compliance for KYC norms and AML reporting
  • Entity Analytics
  • Onboarding
  • Consumer Lending – Onboarding
  • Housing Finance
  • Corporate & SME Lending among others
  • Fin-tech
  • KYC Reverification Services in form of SaaS
  • RBI Compliance adherence – RBI has released ‘Amendment to the Master Direction on KYC as on 28th April, 2023, majorly around strengthening compliances for Money laundering, Terror financing, WMD act and UAPA compliances
  • Sanctions Screening to meet FIU compliance and RBI Compliance and any other compliances as maybe applicable
  • AML Software for Banks , AML Software for Financial Institutions require Unique Customer Identification codes a.k.a UCIC and negative profiling, Sanctions Screening prior to running AML scenarios

What kind of Banking & Financial Services could use our services

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