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Government & Public Sector

The need to build citizen – centric services – with greater efficiency and accessibility is a stated mission of every government

Understand how Ixsight – enables Government – in its digital transformation initiatives


Enable Subsidy Management, reduce potential fraud

Across the world – Government at various levels – whether central, state, or local are on a mission to provide citizens with greater access to services, information and data through open Application Programming Interfaces (API). 

Digital technologies are contributing significant value towards areas such as online transactions, government subsidy transfers, reducing fraud, increasing revenues and improving efficiency in government and public sector units. The National and state governments have also given renewed importance to partnering with the private sector and placing technology at the core of their operations.

 Ixsight’s solutions support various government departments like Civil Supplies, Election Commission, Law, Tax Depts, Banking, Posts, Health, Land Records, Corporate Affairs, Education etc.


Build Citizen – Centric Hubs – across Health, Education, Tax, Election data

Ixsight through its products and solutions – entity management, address science, master data management helps governments build state resident hubs and an integrated citizen view within and across departments. This positively impacts various government initiatives like subsidy allocation, creating data as an asset, building centralized views inter and intra departments.

All these initiatives will provide increased intelligence and enable government to better manage revenues and spends while offering citizens greater access to services leading to significant social, economic, technological, & environmental outcomes.

Solutions for Government Sector

Digital Revolution through our solutions

Enables Digital Revolution & greater customer access to services

  • Accurate subsidy transfers
  • Reduce systemic frauds
  • Strategic – planning of infrastructure
  • Build Citizen – Centric views

What kind of Government departments could use our services?

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