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Link patient records across healthcare entities – build a single Medical Record view

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The ability to accurately identify and link patient records across healthcare entities is a foundational capability in health information exchange (HIE). A critical requirement is to be able to identify the single individual (patient) across all the systems with high degree of accuracy and consistency

Within a hospital itself, patients may have different files for each department that they visit. Even if hospitals have a single Medical Record Number (MRN), the MRN across hospitals may be different for same patient. Thus, matching becomes critical to link all these MRN to a master Identity


Patient Identity Management – easier with Deduplix

Data challenges could include among others – spell variations, domain specific abbreviations, similar patient information repeated with different data of same or different time span, fraudulent information and varying standards.

Ixsight’s onboarding and entity resolution analytics supports hospitals in getting a single patient view. The cornerstone of effective patient identity management is to mitigate risks due to false positive & negative correlations as much as possible.  Deduplix solutions enable algorithmic-based set of solutions for across-system and inter-facility patient identity management.

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  • Single Electronic Health Record creation
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