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You may need to identify cumulative exposure before it poses a risk. Make High integrity onboarding a part of your process

Explore how Ixsight helps Insurance Companies in the insurance digital transformation pathway


Informed Underwriting gets better with Ixsight’s solutions

The Insurance industry’s transformation from being a product-centric industry selling commodity products to customer-centricity across Life, Health & General Insurance has resulted in innovations & re-engineering across the board. The wealth of data available includes – lifestyle data, health data, demographics, income levels, claim data & IoT data 

Ixsight helps insurance companies build a customer centric view that provides all data for an individual, family or Corporate in single view. Reach out to us to understand how we can help ‘New to Business’ customers – onboarding & entity resolution, AML & compliance with regulatory norms. These also support downstream AML Software or AML Tools for Insurance adopted internally for Risk categorisation and IRDA compliance.


Use Location for better intelligence, Improve Claim Management analysis

Our solutions enable identification of relationships across various policy roles, across claimants and associated third party networks and agents during claims for health or car insurance or employee/agent relationships. Our locational intelligence & address science solutions enable clients to identify service touch points, negative area mapping and reducing return to origin (RTO) occurrences.

Solutions for Insurance Industry

Digital Onboarding, AML & Fraud Control

Use our solutions to resolve

  • Entity Analytics
  • New Issuance – Onboarding
  • Customer Risk Profiling as required by AML software for Insurance companies
  • Reduce RTO
  • Persistency
  • KYC Reverification a
  • Sanctions Screening as required for FIU compliance
  • Claim Pattern Investigation
  • Negative Area Screening
  • Household Analytics
  • Data Quality
  • Support for third party solutions like IRDA Compliance software, AML Tools for Insurance services through Negative Screening, Group Exposure etc.

What kind of Insurance Entities could use our solutions

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