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Mailing & Shipping

Increase the effectiveness of your deliveries, address score in advance to reduce wasteful shipping costs

Return to Origin can cost money and time – PinPoyntz can help you mitigate it


Improve Customer Experience – with effective delivery

One of the key e-commerce challenges is in ensuring increased effectiveness of mail delivery or reducing returns. A valid address that can be defined as complete and accurate becomes necessary to help eCommerce businesses reduce failed deliveries, decrease shipping costs, avoid rerouting and correction fees and improve the customer experience. 

Ixsight’s solutions PinPoyntz uses ‘Address Science Analytics’ and ‘Delivery Accelerator Scores’ to classify addresses real-time as soon as orders are received. This enables e-commerce companies to prioritise shipping and revisit poor address deliveries on a case-to-case basis. Ixsight’s solutions have enabled ecommerce business to reduce wasteful shipping costs while increasing delivery effectiveness.


Identify – poor address in real-time

Consistent and Accurate address data can help ecommerce enhance delivery productivity, positively impact customer experience while reducing returns. The cost savings that accrue due to scoring addresses early in the cycle makes business more profitable.

Ixsight can help ecommerce business scale by enabling them to cover a wider geography with the assurance that their deliveries would find their way to the customer doorstep, reducing wasteful courier returns and correction costs while adding a smile on the face of their customers.

Solution for Mailing & Shipping Industries

     Improve Data-trust and Governance

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Address Digital Scoring
  • Householding analytics
  • Negative Area Scrubbing
  • Validated Data – Capture
  • Geo-code

What kind of mailing & shipping Entities could use our services

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