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Retail & Hospitality

The customer experience economy demands an Intelligent Data enterprise

Learn how our solutions support the omni-channel retail & hospitality business


Accelerate your loyalty program effectiveness

Today’s retail industry is about ‘bespoke buyer recommendations and ‘all-about-me’ marketing – a truly customer-centric environment. The better the experience the greater the customer loyalty. 

The inability to gather or connect customer data associated with their loyalty programs and lack of a single view prevent the retailer from creating truly personalized offers and rewards. Moreover, both these challenges – deprive the retailer of capability to deploy offers in real time when they are most likely to be relevant to the customer. Ixsight supports retail and hospitality in conducting audit of all data assets and sources along with data quality metrics. Further our product stack supports creation of single customer view (SCV) across channels and user preferences.


Improve advocacy – Discover Relationships, Use Location to advantage

The SCV drives positive customer experiences and helps retailers meet customers’ expectations for those experiences. Identifying families that are loyal – is a critical part of the advocacy initiative. 

Our solutions also support in mapping trade data & outlet data to increase efficiencies in distribution or in using location data for business decisions

Solutions for Retail & Hospitality

Solutions for Retail and Hospitality

Drive the Customer – Experience Economy

  • Household Loyalty through “Household Views”
  • Customer Centric views across channels
  • Contact Data Cleansing – Validate emails & phone numbers
  • Customer Data cleansing – Address Profiling
  • Vendor-deduplication 

What kind of retail & hospitality companies could use our services?

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