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Increased customer choice and number portability need not be a problem

Explore how Ixsight solutions can support telecom industry


Enable regulatory compliance and mitigate onboarding fraud

The telecom industry is characterized by a high degree of churn, low revenues and need to manage the risk and compliance environment. Further, “Mobile Number Portability” has put considerable pressure on the service providers to ensure – better service, improved customer grievance handling and tariffs optimization by understanding customer’s specific needs and usage.

At same time there is increased compliance requirement from various regulatory bodies. Ixsight’s solutions can support telecom industry by preventing onboarding fraud, managing compliances including KYC & AML and entity resolution.


Identify family relationships – for Cross-selling and up-selling

The telecom service provider has gradually expanded their sphere of services to additionally offer home telephone, cable television, internet services to the same customer increasing their share of wallet.
The increasing use of prepaid and short-term contracts for cell phone users worldwide along with free internet phone services mean that Telecom companies are in constant danger of losing customers to churn.
Ixsight solutions provide – entity analytics to understand customer relationships better and provide customer-specific offers.

Solutions for Telecom Sector

Solutions for the Telecom Sector

Use our solutions to drive productivity

  • Compliance
  • Sanctions Screening
  • Integrated view of customers across services
  • Household views

What kind of telecom companies could use our services?

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