Single view to OmniChannel view

Having a single window view of your customers across their multiple relationships, multiple roles and multiple interactions forms the bedrock for all customer insights.

To start with one needs to link data within a business – by merging and creating a single view of the customer within the organization. To do so – there is a need to identify the same person present as different records across multiple systems and in multiple roles. The spellings, formats and content vary from record to record. The data volume may pose a challenge – in terms of sheer number of records, data items within a record and rate of rise of record.

Once all relationships of an individual have been identified, the next step is to identify customers related to each other as belonging to same family, same company or even same locality! The third step is to marry customer data within your organization to unstructured data present in silos like complaint books, call centres etc. The fourth step is to marry customers data within the organization with what they do outside the organization --- to get an accurate all round view of who the customer is, what their conversations are like.

Currently, the buzzword is OmniChannel Experience – Know your customer not just what they do in your organization but elsewhere – and use that information to understand perceptions, propensities better than ever before.

Deduplix enables you at each step in creating a complete view of your stakeholders. Built on the foundation of human-like logic that is continuously being used, tested and upgraded to meet the organization of today’s needs --- Deduplix has been used on over 700 million records till date.

Some features of Deduplix:

  • Processes millions of records in real-time. The in-memory process reduces I/O time to a fraction.
  • Utilizes semantic dictionaries and logic to handle spell and grammar related issues. For specific geographies – Deduplix™ has built innovative IP around localized metaphones.
  • Provides complete flexibility in providing best results increasing the overall level of confidence in results
  • Provides facilities to add to existing dictionaries to handle country specific nuances
  • Separate modules to validate matches and create golden records

Deduplix is available in the following modes:

  • APIs
  • SaaS Mode
  • SFTP – Batch Processing