Enhancing the “Where” factor

The where of the customer is becoming increasingly relevant. Today’s strategic business questions include - Where are my customers located? Which localities or residential neighbourhoods can give us maximum business? Where do we locate our service centers? PinPoyntz combines customer information with geo-codes and geo-mapping to effectively answer some of these questions.

Where all can you use PinPoyntz?

  • Visually view customer data and in relation to third party data like Competition, census etc.
  • Identify high prospect locations – right up to building level
  • Locate service centers
  • Enhance last mile delivery
  • Plan your sales visits

How does it work?

  • Cleansing and standardizing data using Scrubbix
  • Geo-coding data points
  • Using Pinpoyntz to display these points along with custom query builder – as a hosted solution