Build richer profiles of your data through data quality

Content – transformation, validation and correction is a critical process in building insights. Content can be in any domain – customer, address, product data etc. Solutions to handle such content need to be strong on domain knowledge, vocabularies, intelligent parsers and scalable performance. Scrubbix – Ixsight’s data cleansing tool handles the customer data domain – by turning data that is just “Mere Text” to meaningful, standardized and validated output.

Scrubbix works with names, addresses, text data, contact data in form of emails, contact numbers and custom data to parse, validate, correct, populate, standardise enrich to give enhanced Ixsights!


Scrubbix uses information extraction algorithms – to ensure accurate and productive output – giving you much richer profiles of your customer, enhancing communication strategy while saving costs.

Scrubbix also relies on “Value-Added Dictionaries” that have been built over years – across geographies and for various customer attributes. The product has been tested on 7 billion data Items till date across an ever growing and happy Customer Base.

As with ETLite – you don’t need to know programming or intensive training to set rules. Scrubbix allows you to choose only that which is essential – especially if the data is moving back into your system and there are specific constraints on look and feel options.

Ixsight also provides Scrubbix in SaaS mode. Once we understand your business problem, we conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC). The PoC combines our tool capability with our understanding of your problem.

Scrubbix 5.0 is available in the following modes:

  • SaaS Mode (North America, Europe, EMEA, APAC)
  • SFTP – Batch Processing
  • APIs (India)