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Data Scrubbing and Profiling at the onboarding stage or Data Lake to ensure high quality data leading to reliable decisions and assured returns

Clean Data - the vital cog for smart analytics


Data may comply with business rules but be invalid

Content transformation, validation and correction are critical processes in building insights. Using Scrubbix Data Cleaning Software – go beyond patterns and formats by validating data contextually for potential inaccuracies, dummy or non compliant values


Information-Extraction with Context

Scrubbix Data Cleansing Software works with email, contact data, identifiers and addresses to parse, validate, correct, populate, standardise and enrich to give enhanced Ixsights! Scrubbix uses a combination of information extraction with context for superior analysis, effective CRM and strategy.

Why Scrubbix

Cleanse Contact Data, Identity Information, Emails, Addresses, geocodes using Scrubbix

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Features of Scrubbix

Real-time APIs available

APIs available for addresses , Contact Data, Identifer data etc. If you have specific requirements for a geography or for a particular need we can customise our solutions too.

Proven on 10 billion data items till date

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