Customer Analytics


Is your customer among millions or one in a million? Customer-centricity is all about the latter.

While most customer analytic toolsets and solutions focus on the analysis methods and analytical tool sets – we focus on specific areas that take your decisioning ability further, changing the way one engages, communicates, and drives meaningful relevance at scale going forward.

Decision analytics is not about being a Neuro-Scientist, or about a big data analytics tool. It is about making sense of what the customer may need by understanding their wants, aspirations, issues by deriving those insights from the data available. This kind of information has to be derived from the data available to an organization internally and externally – through a continuous and consistent exercise done intelligently and with purpose.

At Ixsight, we understand that a lot of your journey is discovery. You may want to find and investigate the meaning of data got from various touch points and then build a meaningful story. As the story unfolds you may want to test your offers, your communication and interaction success. Our technology + database + analytical services mindset combined with our customer-problem understanding approach gives you a competitive edge in the market.

Ixsight's solutions help the customer engagement process in the following ways:

  • Customer profiling through our toolsets – Scrubbix, PinPoyntz, Zippin, Deduplix and Text Analytics
  • Providing base analytics in form of hosted dashboards and/or visual maps
  • Provide advanced customer analytics through our professional services