Data Deduplication


The term 360 degree view is synonymous with the term “All round view” of customers and the process of deduplication. The traditional understanding of deduplication requirement is to “Identify Unique Customers” based on matching attributes like name, address, telephone Number, identity number etc. within a structured database. Ixsight has built its deduplication logic in the most demanding of geographies – where addresses are written in unstructured form. Ixsight’s Deduplix works very well to meet demands of both scale and accuracy. Deduplix works on the difficult problems of fuzzy match – since in many countries identifier data is not present and matching on names and addresses becomes critical.

Identity Management is critical for:

  • Running effective credit - screening
  • Meeting regulatory compliance norms
  • Improving customer service and experience

Moving to the 720 degree paradigm

Big data is taking the established paradigm of "360-degree customer view" to a new level of customer intimacy – called as "720-degree view." This allows the organization to extend their understanding of the customer – beyond knowing internal behavior. Combining internal and external behavior allows the organization to build an ever-deeper portrait of the internal "journey" of experiences, propensities, sentiments, and attitudes that drive them. This information is the delight of marketers, the dream of a strategist, the weapon of the think tank…….


Can Hotel ABC expand its occupancy by developing a 720 degree view?

Hotel international has 1,000,000 customers. Some of them are on the loyalty program and some are not. The hotel is part of a chain catering to global customers and is keen to improve occupancy rates. The chain has put together an ambitious program to centralize data – from several different systems operating in various chains. All of this – without ensuring stoppage of regular business.

Would this level of technology really suffice?

Customers visiting hotels – are usually quick to respond with happiness or unhappiness. They do not always write in guest books. They express delight and disgust through the medium of reviews - providing instant feedback to not just the hotel management but also in the process influencing thousands of potential – hotel occupants who are surfing for options. Study after study indicates that both price and occupancy can be influenced by reviews.

How can Ixsight’s Deduplix help?

Dedupe can combine the information from customer post-stay reviews – and internal information to provide not just basic analysis – but a measure of potential loyalty. It provides the ability to the organization to increase loyalty and stay by drawing attention to factors not totally captured in internal systems

How does a typical project work?

  • We begin by understanding your business needs
  • Profile available data
  • Conduct a Proof of Concept
  • Run trial iterations
  • Customize for any specific requirements
  • Provide integration support

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