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Data Quality

Because Return On your Data -Asset is a key indicator of your business

Get greater return on your Data-Asset

Data is an asset as long as it is useable. Just as you need to maintain your health or machinery – data requires not just maintenance but enhancement too. This process cannot be a one-time activity. Using health as a metaphor – better data leads to better decision making (less fogginess in brain), quicker ability to respond (motor reflexes) and reduction of wasteful data (less flab) and enrichment (adding muscle). An agile and quick company that is fast to respond to market situations and better analytics capability is the result of this.

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Let Data Quality drive your marketing revenue

Cross-selling and up-selling are the foundations of most marketing initiatives. To prevent contacting the same customer for multiple offers – 360 degree customer profile is necessary. 

Clean profile data is required for cluster analysis and accurate campaign modelling while high quality contact data determines the productivity. Data quality drives the success of the marketing program and thus the sales revenue – good reason to start your data quality initiative today.


Data Lake – Clean the lake

The Data Lake is where the data feeds come in from various systems. Data is transported from the lake to downstream systems which are used for analytics and higher order decisioning. It’s important that the data lake has a filtration plant to remove incorrect data values, anomalies and non-standard information. This filtration plant is nothing, but the data quality tools, solutioning and professional expertise required.


Data Quality Audits – as important as your annual health-checkup

Periodic Data Quality Audits will ensure that the effectiveness of your decisions is high. Regular monitoring is important to identify potential data issues and their severity. The resultant metrics and root cause analysis should ideally feed back to the data quality program – ensuring improvement in measurements in subsequent cycle. Without measurement – data quality issues may go unnoticed.


Data-Quality – at time of onboarding/Checkout

Customers come through online or offline mode. Sometimes their data is entered through chatbots or agents. Intelligent and real-time validation that prevents poor data entry – is your first line of defence to manage traditional and new methods of customer enrolment. Data validation at onboarding stage is your first line of defence.

We have in-house expertise to enable you to do a one-time data clean up, ongoing program and provide real-time tools. Our algorithms and human experts have touched, acted and cleansed data on over 10000 million data items across the most challenging geographies. Contact us to know more

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