e-Commerce Delivery Management


You have a humming market place – customers are placing orders every minute. Last-mile delivery challenges include:

  • Accurate and timely delivery
  • Sorting, routing and reaching a customer on time
  • Verifying and predicting customer returns

Ixsight helps address all these challenges with Zippin and Deduplix

At Ixsight, we are routinely challenged by the nature of address Data – coming in at a frenzied pace, varying in spellings and structure. Online data in particular – reflects the vast majority that wants to finish the buying process as quickly as possible. Some types of problems are lack of spacing, presence of local-delivery instructions, minimal information and wrong postcodes. Customers buying from non-courier serviced locations – give the nearest urban centre pincode instead of their regular address – thinking this may ensure delivery. Ixsight has created an entire suite of products – which are available as APIs – to validate, correct and score real-time, high volume, address data.

Zippin for accurate and timely delivery

An important part of the shipment process is sortation. If postal codes are affixed incorrectly and have no connection with the address - the package finds its way to a different location than intended. By the time it is rerouted – precious time and money is wasted and customer has changed his/her mind. Further, several locations are not deliverable by your regular courier. Lot of time is wasted in identifying that the shipment carries an address different from the pincode. Using Zippin you can accurately identify various components of address and verify with delivery post code.

Add-Verify – Predict customer returns & cash-on-delivery behavior

Cash on delivery comes with its own challenges. Some customers do an impulse purchase and probably return it when the courier arrivers at their doorstep. Others never pay. What if you could identify negative patterns and proactively take action – real time? Ixsight’s Deduplix – can match customer past behavior to verify in real-time – possible future behavior.

Add-Sort – Sort to the location closest to customer

The promise of same-day-delivery is a challenge to meet given India’s geography and large area under each postal code. Traditional couriers sort by zones, branches and postcodes. Whole cities have a single post-code. What the courier needs is rapid, accurate, multi-level – parsing of addresses to sort at various levels. The benefit of identifying localities extends beyond sorting to getting an accurate knowledge of your customer. You can rely on Ixsight’s Zippin can be relied on to be zipping fast in processing your data for all the above needs.

Add-Profile – Profile your customers and delight them with your insights

Ixsight’s Add-Profile identifies – nuances of address which will help you know – which courier to use and which day of the week is best suited for delivery. Address profiling provides an interesting way to link behavior to “Where does the customer stay”.

Zippin is available in form of API, batch or FTP mode and easily integrates into your solution.

Our India coverage

Zippin’s coverage includes – the very towns that you are looking to expand to Tier-1,2,3 towns and the villages. Zippin’s basic engine includes Scrubbix™– Ixsight’s powerful parser and algorithms supported by specific vocabularies and dictionaries running into millions – and growing to keep pace with the new colonies and townships. Zippin is also supported by Add-Sort, Add-Profile Add-Score and Add-Verify.