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Entity 360

Get a single view of your customers, families, vendors & related parties

Gain Insights for Digital Transformation

Relationship discovery extends beyond the individual. Multiple groups – like individual, vendor, family can be identified for operational, risk, marketing or analytical purpose. These could also be generated for same locality, company, shared addresses or linked related parties. These groups – provide deep understanding of patterns for tailored marketing or risk -analysis.

Trusted Single View of Data for Business, Regulatory Compliance & Risk mitigation


Golden Record – Create master record of reference

Once single-view is created – a golden record of reference encapsulates the information across all records within the group. This will greatly enhance customer interaction quality and increase productivity. Golden records can be created using our best-fit or best-of-group survivorship tools.


Family views – improves advocacy

360-degree view of a clients’ household, assets, loans, and other products across lines of business allows financial services firms to provide more tailored service and offerings – which in turn results in greater advocacy for your business.


Cross-referencing across lists – reduces wastage

New prospects are constantly added through online portals or marketing lists. There is time and effort involved in marketing activities – its good to cross-reference and check whether any of these individuals have an existing relationship. Cross-referencing also be used where a company is trying to increase its retail footprint and wanting to check existing outlet with the universe.  The views such generated are also important in business strategy


Related Parties & Legal-entity views

Business entities are of different types and across multiple locations. A company registered in one geography may also be present in another country registered as a different legal entity. Directors can be present across boards of different companies. In today’s borderless world where both opportunities and regulations have increased – understanding the inter-relationships are important

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