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Mailing & Shipping Efficiency

Reduce Mail Returns, minimize shipping costs

Add-Score – Address Score your data before you ship

At Ixsight, we are routinely challenged by the nature of address Data – coming in at a frenzied pace, varying in spellings and structure. Our APIs help validate, correct and score real-time, high volume, address data especially valuable for ecommerce & security mailing.

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Add-Verify – Address Verify & Predict cash-on-delivery behavior

Cash on delivery comes with its own challenges. Some customers do an impulse purchase and probably return it when the courier arrives at their doorstep. Identify negative patterns and proactively take action by matching with past history.



Add-Sort – for better last-mile delivery

The promise of same-day-delivery is a challenge to meet given large area under each postal code in certain geographies. Barcoding software may rely on componentised parsed address. For countries where postcode is too wide – our solutions enable – postcode plus delivery to enable locality level sorting


Add-Profile – Understand delivery profiles

Add-Profile identifies – nuances of address which will help you know – which courier to use and which day of the week is best suited for delivery. Receiving behaviour profile helps in strategizing last mile delivery.


Address-Validation – at time of onboarding/Checkout

Address validation – during onboarding/checkout ensures a greater chance of reaching customer on-time reducing costs and increasing customer delight. 

We have in-house address science experts – who can provide you the right solution – including – address capture – tools, one-time data cleanse and ongoing governance. Contact us to understand how we can help this.

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