Operational Analytics


Organizations have access to many new types of data and data sources today. Machine sensor data, social media content, and variable length text and video are a few examples. Machine Data Is Invaluable to Operational Intelligence

Operational analytics as the name suggests is analysis of operations and in the context of this article – analysis of machine data to improve operations.

Machine data could be stored in any format -  log and/or text files. These keep growing every second. Analysis of these files to provide operational intelligence can be a vital input for predicting an event.

 However, to do this – the data needs to be granularized and stored – with availability of various dashboards.  More importantly, if the analysis can happen real-time –an organization can be saved millions of dollars. Till date – most of this data is stored as retention logs. As storage costs keep rising – these are backed-up in tapes and referred to only when required – most often to do a post-mortem analysis.Operational Analytics is all about unlocking the power of this information and providing real-time analysis for business benefits.  This provides organizations the tools to mine, analyze, and filter machine data for even the most sophisticated operational intelligence campaigns. Ixsight is currently engaged in looking at providing solutions in this area.