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Underwriting, Risk & Compliance

Manage onboarding Risk and comply with regulations like KYC, AML, FATCA etc.

Individual Group and Related Party Risk  –  Harden your risk strategy

Identify real-time risk through relationship discovery that may exist across multiple sources. Get early warning signals using hybrid and proprietary algorithms, context based -fuzzy match reducing risk vulnerability.  Get the advantage of multiple real-time checks with internal and external lookups across the entire customer journey.

Learn how can Ixsight's solutions help the Risk and Compliance process


KYC Re-verification – Strengthen your onboarding

It may not be enough to verify with the KYC or Bureau repository. Data may need reverification as fraudulent applications with correct KYC identifiers may get passed. 



Combination of fuzzy checks – because fraud control is never enough

Newer patterns of fraud are constantly emerging. During peak -time – high volume, velocity and data fuzziness cause slippages. Our solutions & experience minimize these slippages – through a combination of AI based fuzzy matching, multiple touch point checking & fraudulent patterns identification. Our solutions team can identify any custom requirement that you may have


Manage Multiple Compliances – AML, KYC, NPA, UCIC etc.

As a financial institution you need to comply with multiple regulatory requirements and audits. These may include Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC), NPA reporting, AML Compliances including PEP and Sanctions Screening. This may also include providing audit certificates to indicate that you have cross-referenced your data across multiple watch lists. Other compliances include  new data privacy regulations – which define rules for collection, storage, and processing of customer data.


Skip Tracing – to boost your collections & recoveries process

Skip tracing can provide mechanism to increase your collection efficiency. Address scoring during on-boarding may additionally help you to identify poor contact information early in the cycle.

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